Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

Program Offered Under- Department of Psychology (Named as PGDGC) After graduation, students can pursue a one-year postgraduate diploma in guiding and counseling which focuses on teaching students how to lead and counsel them.

The objective of this course, is to help students build the skills and competencies they'll need to address the challenges and needs of real-world counseling effectively. SAM Global University is the best college in Bhopal.

The course will assist students in developing a systematic understanding of the goal, scope, types, theories, and approaches of counseling, emphasizing their application in both personal and professional settings. In addition, it will enable students to understand better their own "selves" as a tool for personal, professional, and counseling development.

Guidance and counselling are essential aspects of everyday life. It is natural for us to seek advice at a fork in the road in a new location. At all ages, we come across numerous unfamiliar crossroads on our journey through life. This is especially true in a world that is continuously changing. We can no longer hide behind our ancient ideas and customs in today's environment. Our modes of living, working and relating have all changed dramatically. Even our school-aged children are not immune to the harmful effects of their actions. An ordinary person is confused, helpless, stressed, and coping out due to all of this. All of this emphasizes the importance of giving advice and counselling services available to our people to assist them in strengthening their coping and actualizing resources. However, our people have far too few options for such services and skilled professional counsellors.

We, best career counselling college in Bhopal, train personnel for the profession of guidance and counselling with the requisite understanding, skills, and perspective.

Prepare personnel who would work with

  • Students at all grades of education to guide their personal, educational, and career development.
  • Any person with trouble facilitating its working through.


Enable the candidates to develop an understanding of :

  • Personality Disorders
  • Personality Development
  • Human Development
  • Adolescents and immature persons and their essentials.
  • Guidance procedure and requisite talents
  • Various Counselling approaches and Methods

Facilitate personal growth of the candidates of the Diploma course. Develop competence in counselling through practice.

Duration: 1 Year

Eligibility: 50% in Graduation

If not scored 50% in Graduation than 50% in any Diploma

Some of the subjects comprised in the syllabus of the PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling are:

  • Family therapy
  • Mental health and adjustment
  • Educational and vocational guidance
  • Behavior dysfunction
  • Career development
  • Stress and conflict management
  • Bereavement
  • Psychological basis of guidance and counselling

School Counsellor, NGO Counsellor, Consultant Career, Advisor Therapist, Youth Counsellor, Rehabilitation Counsellor, Health Counsellor, Career Guidance Counsellor, Marriage and Family Counsellor

NIMT Intuitions, Empire foundation, Divine International Foundation, ABC Consultants, IDP Education, Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc.

  • Unique Method of Evaluation
  • Facilitating Role Change of Teachers
  • Concept of Academic Mentors
  • Focus on Self Development
  • Comprehensive Learning