Journalism is a profession of responsibly informing the public of the important news and information not known to them. Journalists work for newspapers or magazines, write behind-the-scenes for broadcast networks, confine their work to the internet or go on location to gather information on events. Journalism is such a broad field that encompasses political reporters, sports reporters, entertainment reporters, science and technology reporters, and health and fitness reports, as well as photographers, videographers, and a range of other specialists who may contribute various specialized skills to a media project. The

BA Journalism &Mass Communication Courses in Bhopal(M.P)

is ideal for those who want to start in entry-level positions and advance through hard work, talent and dedication. Bachelor’s degrees often take three years to complete and prepare students for numerous journalism career paths and media specialties. 

Duration: 3 Years

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 in any discipline

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Those students seeking to have advanced knowledge in advertising, media law, public administration, ethics and writing,

MA Journalism & Mass Communication Courses in Bhopal(M.P)

will likely be an excellent fit for them. The program caters to opportunities to become a part of real-life examples of journalism and public communication situations and master the required industry terminology, crucial for doing an excellent job in the field. The advantages of pursuing journalism and mass communication include excellent strategic communication skills, cultural and industry competence, as well as enhanced writing and editing skills. It can prepare experienced professionals to move into more lucrative and senior positions or enhance marketable skills. While a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication focuses on general mass communication, master’s degrees build specialized expertise along with learning the latest technology and techniques. After the completion of this degree, individuals often go on to exciting careers in journalism, specializing as investigators, broadcasters and technologists. Those with an interest in a marketing career also do well with this degree because of the focus on strategic communication and advertising. One can also opt to choose to become a teacher of journalism and communication in any educational institution.

Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation or equivalent degree

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Duration:3 Years

Ph.D. in Mass Communication & Journalism is ideal for journalism students who want to reach the highest echelons of the field. Doctoral graduates typically go into research or teaching, but the degree can also help the active journalists gain significant expertise, advance their careers and enhance their resumes.

Eligibility Criteria

Min. 55% of marks in Post Graduation.

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