Academic rigor and gaining important life skills is indeed a crucial aspect of career preparedness that students receive while in college but a considerable importance is being placed on the value of experiential learning.

Internships, Live project opportunities and even some full- or part-time jobs can play an important role. We provide students options to either pursue internship opportunities or garner an equal amount of credits some other way. Meanwhile it is an important truth that some internship opportunities offer monetary compensation while others don't.

Live project internships, On-the-job’ trainings, study tours, and skill enhancement events and workshops are extensively integrated in our curriculum. Such programmes expose students to real work environments and provide an opportunity to apply their learning in real life situations.

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4 ways in which students can be benefitted from internship & live projects


Apply classroom learning in professional environments

Students can develop and apply the skills, theories and concepts learned in the classroom. The ability to develop and hone professional skills that promote growth and development and gaining industry-specific -skills related to their field is valuable.

Establish critical networking connections

During internships and live projects the students get experiential learning opportunities and also get an opportunity to make professional connections. For many students, the internship is a stepping stone to additional opportunities within the same organization, including full-time employment.

Gain exposure to their chosen field

Participating in internships can be a great way to get a taste of the actual professional experience in a particular field before you commit yourself to it fully. Internships have other advantages, such as the opportunity to test-drive a career. Internships offer students a low-pressure entry into their field. Through these experiences, they can decide whether to pursue it further.

Gain the sought - after work experience

College graduates struggling to find employment report that open positions require work experience they've not yet had a chance to acquire. The best real work experience you can have is in your internship that provides the work experience and helps students put their education into practice, developing leadership skills and gain a competitive advantage.