In an educational organisation assessment and evaluation are crucial in constructive alignment process. Organised and well-designed assessments will allow students to use the knowledge and skills they have learnt .Their level of mastery can be indicated through those assessment The feedback on the assessments will provide students with clear information about what and how they need to match to succeed at the tasks, and can give the assessor a clearer sense of how the task is assessing mastery.



Reflexivity and continuous learning and development are key aims of successful evaluation. Evaluation of the course, by students and lecturers should feed back into the whole process of curriculum alignment, and reflect critically on the outcomes, the teaching and learning activities, the assessments and the experience of the course or module.

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Both assessment and evaluation of the studies may take place at the subject and department and range in size and scope from a pilot study to a complex project that addresses a number of different topics, includes a variety of methodologies. Typically, assessment efforts are divided into two types, formative or summative. Process assessment is also conducted in which assessment determines whether the project has been on schedule, deliverables produced, and cost estimates met.