College art and cultural events are not just about fun but it also augments a student’s learning experience. Art and Cultural fests have carved a niche in the university ecosystem for all the right reasons. Delineating on all of them throws light on important roles fests have been playing in one student’s life.

Art and Cultural fests have managed to etch a significant place for themselves in the academic calendar.

Through participation in fests, a student picks up a variety of skills

  • The networking ability of students skyrockets. Students get a chance to medley with people from different walks of life.
  • Fests facilitate students to work for a fixed goal in unison and this eventually develops a sense of responsibility in them.
  • It elevates confidence and also teaches them how to work in a team and in various challenging situations.
  • Lastly, the prime intention of pulling up a fest is to allow students a period of recreation. Though cultural fests rob students of their energy but replenish them with new vigour and enthusiasm.
Campus life - SAM University

Campus life - SAM University